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Yes, it's the amazing CORE4 System that includes patent pending products delivering amazing results.  Our system reduces the caloric absorption of the food you eat and has none of the unpleasant side effects of fat blockers.  Try this system today and find out how losing weight can be easy!

CORE4 is designed to tackle the core area of the body, which is one of the most important areas to stimulate weight loss, restore energy and promote optimal health.  

Like nuclear fusion occurs in the sun's core, CORE4 creates a synergetic Nutrient Fusion within our bodies, helping us to lose weight and supporting a life that's simply more healthy and vibrant.  

The Products within the CORE4 line are:



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Comes in a Tablet

Two Sizes for your convenience


Become a Calorie-Burning Dream Machine!

ACCELERATE is a scientific revolution in thermogenic fat burning.

Formulated To:

  • Stimulate the thermogenic fat burning and weight loss process*
  • Suppress appetite*
  • Promote energy and stamina*

HWACC14 - 14 Count   Price $14.50  


HWACC60 - 60 Count   Price $33.50  

Comes as a Flake Powder  

(approx. 60 servings per bottle)


Go Ahead- Cheat and Eat!

CHEAT is the world’s first food sprinkle.

Formulated To:

  • Eliminate up to 25% of calories eaten*
  • Clinically proven to reduce weight**
  • Tasteless and Effective*
  • Patent Pending*

HWCHE30 - 30 GM   Price $36.50  

Comes in a Powder form 

(14 Servings)


A Delicious Way to Get Lean!

LEAN is a breakthrough power amino acid and protein smoothie.

Formulated To:

  • Satisfy appetite*
  • Reduce food cravings*
  • Support fat metabolism*
  • Increase sustained energy*
  • Meal Replacement*

HWLEA14 - 14 Servings   Price $40.50  

Comes in a Capsule form

Two Sizes for your convenience


Detoxification Fat Burning Sensation!

FLUSH is a gentle organic, highly effective daily colon cleanse and decox.

Formulated To:

  • Boost fat burning*
  • Support weight loss*
  • Decrease bloating to create a flatter stomach*
  • Improve digestion*
  • Remove pollutants and toxins*
  • Improve absorption of supplements*
  • Restore energy*

HWFLS14 - 14 Count   Price $19.50  


HWFLS60 - 60 Count   Price $40.50