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HAWGWASH, LLC® would like to introduce you to the world of “WATERLESS” Detailing and to show you some of the advantages in using this state of the art technology.  As avid motorcyclists, Holly and I like to spend less time cleaning our bikes and more time riding them.  On the other hand, when we ride, we want our motorcycles to look great.  Combining the Dri Wash 'n Guard® product line and the following tips we hope that your motorcycle will look its best and that you will feel good about the way it looks.  All of the techniques we discuss use the WATERLESS technology products called DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® (for a complete list of products click on the link, PRODUCT INFO.).

We like to begin the detailing process by concentrating on 2 specific areas…the engine and the frame; to include cables, levers, hoses, etc.  Our product of choice for this is the ALL-WEATHER TIRE and TRIM TREATMENT.   We spray this product directly onto the frame and then work it into all the areas with a soft paint brush.  (As a note…prior to using a paint brush around the motorcycle, we wrap electrical tape around the metal band that holds the bristles in place. This will prevent the accidental contact of that metal against any part of the motorcycle).  We continue to “PAINT” the frame from front to back.                                                              Back to top

Once you have completed applying the ALL-WEATHER TIRE and TRIM TREATMENT to the frame we then proceed to detailing the engine.   I will use a Harley-Davidson Engine as the example because of its very popular BLACK “Wrinkle Finish” paint.   Over a period of time the black finish will begin to oxidize and take on a “milky” or “chalky” look.  The ALL-WEATHER TIRE and TRIM TREATMENT revitalizes the black paint and adds some moisture back into it so that your engine will again take on that better than new black look.   After using our ALL-WEATHER TIRE and TRIM TREATMENT, we have had customers tell us that the black finish on the engine looked better than when the motorcycle was originally purchased.                                                                                                                                                 Back to top

(The arrow above shows where the All-Weather Tire and Trim Treatment was applied.)

Our Next Segment will get down to the “FUN” stuff…Paint and Chrome.   If you are a “chrome” person you will want to do this section last since there is so much of it on the motorcycle and the chances of touching some of it during the detailing process is highly likely.  If you are a custom “Paint” type of person, you will want to do chrome first and then finally concentrate on the fabulous paint you have.   Either way you go, the product of choice for these two sections will be the Ultra-Ion by Dri-Wash ‘n Guard®.   Let’s begin… Since I like chrome, we are going to cover the painted areas first (fuel tank, fenders, side covers,  hard saddlebags and trunk where applicable).

Before we apply the Ultra-Ion to painted surfaces, let me explain in simple terms why we see colors and varying intensity in the clarity.   We see color due to how much light is reflected from a surface to our eyes.   The different colors are processed by the brain which then tells us that we are looking at red, or blue or black and so on.   When the surface is rough - and sometimes it will only be microscopically rough - the reflected rays are distorted and not all of them will be reflected back to your eyes.   When the surface is completely smooth, more of the light reflected returns to your eyes and you see a more vivid or clear color.   So where does Ultra-Ion fit into this process?  Virtually all cleaning products in the vehicle care industry use a molecular form of application.   In other words molecules of the product begin to fill in the imperfections and clean out the nooks and crannies that they will fit into.   On the other hand an “ION” is much, much smaller than a molecule thus it can penetrate into even smaller nooks and crannies.   DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® Ultra-Ion™ is the ONLY product in the industry that has harnessed the technology of using “IONS” versus Molecules.                                                                                                                                                                     Back to top

By applying Ultra-Ion to the paint, you will begin to notice a deeper, richer looking paint than you have ever seen before…probably better than when you first purchased your motorcycle.

We highly recommend that you use 100% cotton micro fiber applicator pads (Item Code HW002) and 100% cotton micro fiber buffing towels (Item Code HW001) when applying Ultra-Ion.   We begin by prepping the applicator pad with a light coating of the product and then if you have a rather large area to cover, like a fuel tank or fender, spray Ultra-Ion directly on the surface for complete coverage.   The following procedure is a “ONE TIME” method to obtain the most brilliant polish you have ever seen.   With the applicator pad, begin to work in little circles... First in a clockwise direction and then repeat in a counter-clockwise direction... Next pretend you are making an “X” but only do it in one diagonal direction first and then come back and complete the other diagonal direction, and you have now completed the “X”.   Last step…Polish in a straight line with the contour of the piece you are working on.   For example the front fender…polish from front to rear.

Once this process is complete, let the Ultra-Ion set in for a few minutes and then polish with the micro fiber buffing towel and watch to your amazement as the most brilliant shine appears before your eyes.   As a side note, the finish will not only look magnificent, it will be extremely smooth to the touch…thus proving that the Ultra-Ion has done its job…filling in all the microscopic pours of the paint.  Now continue to the next painted area.                                                                                         Back to top have now witnessed “Waterless” technology at its best…Now let’s move onto CHROME… Hang in there, we are getting close to the finish and a great looking motorcycle.

Welcome to the wonderful world of chrome.   All that shiny stuff on the motorcycle when cared for properly can really make your bike stand tall among the rest, however if it is abused, mistreated, not cared for or neglected…well you get the point; it can be the demise of some of the most expensive components on the motorcycle.   What is “CHROME”?  Take a piece of nickel (metal) and you have a look of just that…a NICKEL (5 cents).  Take that same piece of NICKEL and apply a clear coat and guess what?   Chrome.   Unlike the olden days when car bumpers were huge and sported very shiny chrome, today's chrome is delicate.   As we advanced, and with the new technology chrome has become more brilliant but the process to get there has rendered the metal more fragile to harsh chemicals and abrasives.  So where does Ultra-Ion come in?  It is virtually non-abrasive and will provide that same brilliance to chrome as it did to your paint.  Since the chrome areas on the motorcycle can be very small,we recommend that you apply the Ultra-Ion directly to the applicator pad and then clean each piece independently working in small circular motions until the surface in completely clean.

As in the paint, let the product cure for a couple minutes and then with the micro fiber buffing towel polish to a mirror finish.  As a note…the surface should not be hot, such as an engine rocker cover or exhaust pipe.  Allow ample time for these parts to cool…not only for a smoother application but to prevent you from burning yourself on the hot parts.                                                                           Back to top

Two more topics to cover and then…Let’s go riding:

Wheels and tires…Probably the nastiest part of detailing the motorcycle but with the two products we will discuss, we will try to make it as fast and enjoyable as possible. If you are fortunate enough to possess a motorcycle lift, we will even cut the time shorter.   Ultra-Ion is the perfect product to clean, polish and protect your rims.   It is great for removing organic matter, water spots, road tar, road salts…any ORGANIC matter.   Use the applicator pad and spray Ultra-Ion on the rim and if you have the ability, spin the wheel as you polish it in.   Allow to cure and then with the buffing towel polish to a shine. The All Weather Tire and Trim Treatment can be used on the SIDEWALL only to give the final touch.  Avoid contact with any of the tread surface to include that portion that curves towards the sidewall.  If the product gets onto the tread surface…Dri Wash ‘n Guard® Leather and Vinyl Treatment will remove it.                                                                Back to top

There is nothing that can make a custom cruiser look better than a set of gangster whitewalls and then again there is nothing worse looking on a clean motorcycle than a dirty set of whitewalls.   HAWGWASH, LLC® has the answer for a great looking set of whitewalls…Leather and Vinyl Treatment by Dri Wash ‘n Guard®.   This amazing product is great for loosening up built-up grime on your whitewalls  including brake dust.   Simply spray onto the whitewall and let its magic cleaning action go to work.   With a soft brush or terry cloth towel wipe the surface and let dry.  Repeat as necessary until you have a super clean whitewall.   As a note the Leather and Vinyl Treatment will provide UV protection to the rubber and will help with the premature weather cracking often associated with tires.   For an added luster to the sidewall, after cleaning, spray a light film of the All Weather Tire and Trim Treatment and wipe with a soft cloth.  Your white sidewalls will “SPARKLE”.                                                                                                  Back to top

Finally, we want to clean the windshield (where applicable).  For this, we recommend using a clean polishing pad and a clean buffing towel.  They can then be rotated into doing your paint and chrome at a later time.

Spray Ultra-Ion directly onto the windshield and polish in a vertical motion (UP and DOWN). You will notice that the product will begin to fill in very fine feather scratches.  Let the product cure for a couple minutes and then with a clean micro fiber buffing towel, polish to a brilliant finish (again buffing UP and DOWN).  Repeat the above process for the inside of the windshield.

A final thought, Ultra-Ion not only provides the most brilliant finish you will ever find but over a period of about an hour after completion of your detailing, the final curing process will take place and you will notice an even deeper shine.                                                                                                        Back to top

In our DETAILING TIPS for MOTORCYCLES  we only covered paint, chrome, etc. We would like to offer this addition for those of you that have motorcycles equipped with leather bags or other forms of “SOFT LUGGAGE” such as “T” Bags.

HAWGWASH LLC® offers another “Waterless” technology product for leather and one for fabric materials.   Let’s talk about maintaining your leather accessories which by the way can also include leather jackets, vests, chaps, gloves, etc.  Dri Wash ‘n Guard® Leather and Vinyl Treatment is our product of choice.   It is sprayed onto the surface and then wiped in with a soft terry cloth towel…with a clean terry cloth towel buff until all residue in removed.   For a slight luster to the leather follow up with a light application of the All Weather Tire and Trim Treatment. The Leather and Vinyl Treatment will revitalize the leather and provide a deep cleaning action for imbedded dirt.   In addition it will provide UV protection.   Use this same technique when cleaning your personal riding apparel.                                                                                                                                   Back to top

For additional luster, after cleaning with the Leather and Vinyl Treatment, apply a light spray of All Weather Tire and Trim Treatment.  The arrow in the picture below shows where the All Weather Tire and Trim Treatment was applied to the leather:

For Cleaning Soft luggage made of fabric such as the more common “T” Bags, we recommend using Upholstery, Fabric and Carpet Treatment by Dri Wash ‘n Guard®.   Simply spray it onto the fabric and with a soft brush work it into all areas.   Take a soft towel and wipe any residue that is left.   For added protection spray the entire piece of luggage with the Fabric, Carpet and Upholstery Treatment and let dry.   You have just added UV protection and your luggage should maintain a like new appearance.    

Thank you for choosing our Waterless Technology products and we hope that these detailing tips have helped you with your motorcycle appearance needs. HAWGWASH, LLC® will continue to provide state of the art products and services to the motorcycling community. We encourage you to share these products and techniques with you fellow riders and if we can be of further assistance, please contact us Toll Free at 800-584-6326 or e-mail us:

We look forward to seeing you and your great looking motorcycle on the highways of America

If you have any specific detailing questions not covered in these TIPS, please feel free to contact us at HAWGWASH, LLC® toll free 800-584-6326 or email We will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.                                                                               Back to top

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