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We have tried to keep our prices low, but due to the increases in the costs of raw materials used in producting our products, we have had to increase prices effective July 29, 2009.


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UltraLuster Waterless Wash Polish and Protective Glaze

32 oz bottle with Atomizer

UltraLuster Waterless Wash                   Back to top

  • Why waste time, washing, drying and waxing your vehicle when you can do it all in ONE pass with UltraLuster. Simply Spray, Wipe, and Buff and you just cleaned, polished and applied an Acrylic Polymer that will protect your finish from the elements and harmful UV from the Sun. Our space-age lubricants and polymers protect your finish from scratching and leaves a bond of protection that beads water for months.

             present_c.gif  Great gift idea for the person who                                      takes special pride in their vehicle!!etc_10.gif

Item Code32WNP  Price $40.00   32 oz 

UltraLuster Filled 8 oz Atomizer

UltraLuster Filled 8-oz Atomizer              Back to top

  • The same great UltraLuster, just in a smaller package
  • This 8-oz filled Atomizer would make a great stocking stuffer for the vehicle buff in the family.

   present_c.gif  Great stocking stuffer idea!!!

Item Code WNP-8                 Price $22.00    8 oz

Perfect Clear Coat Bar

Perfect Clear Coat Bar                        Back to top

  • This is one of the most amazing products we have!  Creates the most amazing feel you will ever feel on your paint!
  • Have you ever washed and dried your vehicle only to find little bumps left behind?  Those bumps are atmospheric pollutants and fallout as well as brake dust and debris from traveling on interstates and other roadways.  If these "bumps" are not removed they will damage your clear coat over the long term. Our Perfect Clear Coat Bar is designed to "pluck" those bumps away. When used with our UltraLuster it leaves our Acrylic Coating Behind.  Please remember to start with a clean car before using this product.
  • Simply lubricate the surface of your vehicle with UltraLuster Wash 'n Polish and rub in circles to remove all of those microscopic bumps and debris that may be attached to your clear coat.

Item Code PCC                                  Price $30.00  

MetalLuster 16 oz

MetalLuster  16 oz

Polish & Oxidation Remover                   Back to top

  • Excellent on Brass, Aluminum, Stainless, Gold, Silver, any uncoated metallic surface is no match for our MetalLuster. It effortlessly removes all surface rust and oxidation leaving behind a beautiful shine. Removes the FOG from acrylic headlights and even oxidation and minor scuffs on painted surfaces. Gel Coat oxidation is no match either.

Item Code MP2                   Price $24.00  16 oz  

Tire and Trim Luster  16 oz

Tire and Trim Luster  16 oz                     Back to top

  • Cleans and Shines.  This awesome product breaks dow brake dus ad leaves a beautful shine behind on all rubber, vinyl and plastic.
  • Our Tire & Trim Luster has some unique characteristics, it cleans white walls and removes brake dust. It also will leave either a "New" Matte look on your tires or a "Wet" High Gloss look on your tires. Exceptional UV protection and last on the interior for weeks.

Item Code TNT                 Price $24.00    16 oz 

Leather Luster  16 oz                               Back to top

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Our LeatherLuster cleans and conditions. Excellent for leather seats on motorcycles, leather boots and leather clothing. Smells just like leather too.

Item Code LCD                Price $24.00   16 oz  

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Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner  32 oz    Back to top

This fabric and Upholstery Cleaner cleans all fabric, upholstery, and carpet.  Even does a great job spot cleaning and pre-treating clothing.  It has a very nice Citrus scent.

Item Code FAU                Price $30.00   32 oz  

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Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner in the convenient  8oz Pumper                 Back to top

This fabric and Upholstery Cleaner cleans all fabric, upholstery, and carpet.  Even does a great job spot cleaning and pre-treating clothing.  It has a very nice Citrus scent.

**NOTE:  32 oz bottle shown in picture is not included**

Item Code FAUP                Price $15.00   8 oz  

Bug Buster, the Effortless Bug Pad              (4-pack)                                       Back to top

This amazing 3x5 pad is used in the aircraft industry for years. Now we are blown away with how well this product works with our UltraLuster, when your done, your done, the UltraLuster protective coating is left behind.

4 in a pack

Item Code BUGBSTR4           Price $12.00 4pk  

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